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Boca Aikido Classes

Taught to the most Elite Commando Units in the World…. More Law Agencies are Trained using AIKIDO than any other Martial Art… Israeli Anti Terrorist Units are Trained Using AIKIDO! Voted THE BEST Self Defense For Street Protection and Voted THE BEST Women’s Self Defense Martial Art

Adult Programs: Adults of all walks of life deserve to be the best they can possibly be. Our Aikido training programs are for every level. Beginner, intermediate or advanced you’ll get fit and fit right in.

Youth Programs: Teaching fitness and self esteem to children can never begin soon enough, Our boys and girls participating in our Boca Aikido are taught from a 20 plus year instructor so safety and wellness inside and out are our primary concern.

What Our Boca Aikido Classes Can do for YOU?

You’re going to…Sweat, Lose weight, Decrease body fat, Develop and Tone your Muscles, Gain Flexibility, Increase Endurance, Capture Mental Clarity and Focus, Alleviate Stress, Redirect Energy, Enjoy an Incredible Martial Arts Workout


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