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The Personal Training Programs are varied and provide a comprehensive look at Fitness as a whole and not a part or a fad.  We incorporate the latest in training techniques while staying true to body kinesiology.  We believe that training in a format that is not conducive to your body type or intended goal will only lead to dismay, failure and ultimately injury (either temporary or possibly permanent).  The following is a list of the different Program Formats to help guide you in the direction you may want to start in.

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Personal Training | Boca Brickhouse Style

Body Weight Training – Just as it sounds, we start with just your own body providing resistance and go through exercises and drills designed to lean you out and strength your body.  As you progress we will add to your BW, by using vests and backpacks to increase your resistance.

Basic Strength – this covers the basics of lifting with an emphasis on Form and Proper program setup for an individual and not some generic group.

Sports Specific – If you play a sport as a Pro, Amateur, League, or even the Weekend Warrior then we design exercises and drill to enhance and support your sport or activity.

Power Lifting – We work on your Big 3 Lifts (Squat, Bench, and Deadlift), through form and using a variety of Grip Training as well as supportive exercises.  If you wish to compete, we will help you with choosing your federation, equipment (if needed), timing and commands of each lift, and stretches to reduce muscle fatigue lactic acid buildup.

StrongMan – We focus on Training for the 16 events that make up the general competitions.  This includes odd lifts, grip training, various supportive exercises, and stretching.

Physique Competition Training – If your interested in getting on stage in a Physique Competition (Body Building, Figure, Fitness, Bikini, or similar) then this is program for you.  We customize your workouts to bring your
body in balance and enhance those features that various organizations look for when judging.  We work with your diet by giving you guidelines to go by and adjust as it accordingly.  We also work choosing the right federation for you to partake in (if you haven’t already) as well as assisting you with your prep work for the competition.

Real World – This is a Hybrid of Powerlifting, Strongman, Grip and Body Weight Training.  It’s the best of all worlds to make you a stronger more flexible individual that is able to move through your daily life with greater ease and confidence.

Conditioning – Focus is on Functional Training, Plyometrics and Body Weight Training with an emphasis on maintaining an elevated heart rate to increase your cardio capacity and fat burning capability.

Cardio Strength – This is a set of exercises done in a style that doesn’t let you rest or recover before your doing something else.  The focus is weight loss through the combination of Conditioning and Strength Training.

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Military Fitness Training – Group Classes

Combat Conditioning: a personalized full body conditioning class

Basic Training: a group class with emphasis on teamwork

Iron Core: Build a strong core muscle group

Boot(y) Basic: Focus on the legs and butt

Boxing Basic: Teaches the basic punches and techniques while utilizing a heavy bag for cardio fitness

Heavy Bag Conditioning: Conducting boxing drills against heavy bags for a full body workout

Vertical Fitness: A fitness class that revolves around your feet being off the ground

Obstacle Course Training: Learning how to navigate and overcome various military obstacles

Close Quarter Combative’s: A self defense class based upon military combative techniques









Physical Fitness Programs Boca Raton

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